Gear Box - Distortion Pedal Roundup - Maxon OD-9
by Michael Ross

This Maxon pedal is the spitting image of an overdrive favored by fans of the late bluesmeister Stevie Ray Vaughan. The OD-9 uses the same IC chip found in the vintage version of that famous green pedal rather than the modern one, and a signal-distorting diode is also located in the pedal amplifier stage's negative feedback loop, causing the OD-9 to distort the signal in its own amplifier section.

For reducing unwanted noise levels, the pedal's new circuit also uses output resistors that differ from its predecessor. The OD-9 pretty much nails that sweet, smooth, slightly compressed tone favored by lovers of the similarly featured vintage unit.

At lower amplifier gain levels, the OD-9 imparts some of its own dark coloration. It tends to come alive when the amplifier is slightly distorted; with the Drive level down, it is very transparent while adding gain and sustain - pure SRV.
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