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jerry cortez We were recently contacted by guitarist Jerry Cortez of the legendary Bay Area Funk/Soul outfit Tower Of Power.  Jerry was putting together a new touring rig and our bud Dave Friedman at Rack Systems told him to get with Maxon.  We tricked out Jerry’s rig with a Maxon CP-9 Pro+, OD808, AD-9 Pro and PT-9 Pro+.  Here's what he had to say about these pedals….

"My pedalboard setup is fairly simple - Besides a tuner and a wah pedal the four other pedals I use are all made by Maxon. Starting with perhaps my favorite pedal the CP-9 Pro + Compressor - I pretty much leave the CP-9 on all the time. I like to think of it as a quality control pedal for my overall tone. It is really hard to describe what a difference the CP-9 makes in boosting all the great and desirable overtones and leaving the unpleasant ones out. I'm not sure how Maxon dialed this one in so accurately, but they did! Another favorite that I have had the pleasure of using for many years now is the OD808 Overdrive. To me the OD808 is the most natural sounding tube amp-like overdrive I have ever heard. I use a Fender Twin Reverb because I like the clean headroom I get for funk and r & b. When I turn on the OD808 for my solos the tone sounds like I turned the Twin up to 10 but without the ear shattering volume of a Twin turned up to 10...just the fat, rich sound of tube-like saturation. For delay I use the AD-9 Analog Delay Pro. I find that the AD-9 is one of the most natural and warm sounding ways to add "reverb type ambiance" for clean rhythm sounds. I have only begun to scratch the surface of what this wonderful pedal will do. Last but not least I am using the PT-9 Pro + Phase Shifter. I use the PT-9 primarily for an added bite and slight "swish" effect for funk rhythm comping. I find the PT-9 extremely effective in giving me a really cool retro soul/funk rhythm tone.

Besides making extremely durable and great sounding pedals to shape your tone, Maxon is a company of true professionals. I have had nothing but the most pleasant exchanges doing business with Kevin and the folks at Maxon. Their customer support is second to none. I have asked what I thought was the most insignificant question only to have it explained to me in the most open and succinct manner. Everyone gets treated like a rock star when you do business with Maxon!"

WOW – we could not have written a better testimonial ourselves!!!  Special thanks to Jerry for taking the time to write this for us – he even sent us a gift basket for the holidays!  Extra special thanks to Dave Friedman for hooking us up with this funk legend….

Here’s a video of TOP rocking "Soul with a Capital S" at this year’s North Sea Jazz festival -

jerry cortez and maxon effects

tower of power - jerry cortez

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