Maxon featured artist: Elliot Easton
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Elliot Easton

Gig: Guitarist for Creedence
Clearwater Revisited, ex-Cars

Info: N/A

Model(s) Used:
AD-9 Analog Delay, OD-9 Overdrive,
SD-9 Sonic Distortion
"In clinical surveys, nine out of ten guitarists agree that Maxon pedals get your blues their bluest, your rocks their rockingest, your funk their funkiest, your grunge their grungiest, and your soul their soulfullest. Is soulfullest a word?"
"This Maxon AD-9 pedal sounds really warm and fat, much sweeter than digital delay, which this pedal will replace. Maxon are the "boss" of stompboxes!"
demo sound file not avilable

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