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OD808X Overdrive Extreme


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For over 30 years Maxon’s legendary "808" overdrive circuit has been an essential ingredient to achieving great guitar tone. Whether it’s used as a booster to drive an amp, as a Dirt box for crunch and extra sustain or as an EQ to shape the tone of a high-gain amp, the 808 in its many incarnations has shown up in more rigs and on more recordings than anyone would care to count.

Yet for all its legendary status, there are some who wish the 808 offered just a little bit more – and for those players obsessed with excess, Maxon has created the OD808X Overdrive Extreme.

The Extreme shares the same basic circuit architecture as the OD808. However, several key component values have been altered to achieve what may be the ultimate overdrive tone.

The OD808X offers a wider frequency response than a stock OD808, with an extended hi-frequency tonal range that offers additional clarity without becoming harsh.

It also features a harder clipping pattern than the standard model, creating a searing, full-bodied drive tone that helps chords ring and notes sing.

An additional +5 dB of output level assures that the OD808X will punch through the densest of mixes with an authority that most OD’s just can’t match. Its additional level and top-end also allows the X to be stacked in a chain of pedals without getting buried under other Dirt boxes.

The OD808X offers the same “feel” and amazing transparency that the 808 is famous for – digging in you’ll get more break-up; rolling back your volume will clean things up and you’re guitar will sound like your guitar.

Beyond that, all similarities end and all bets are off. Comparing the X to a stock OD808 is kind of like bringing a gun a knife fight – it’s excessive, but you know it will get the job done!

When even legendary overdrives just aren’t enough, it’s time to go to the extreme – the OD808X Overdrive Extreme.

Why Choose Maxon?

The OD808X takes Maxon’s classic 808 circuit to the extreme; adding extra Drive, Level and High frequencies to create a versatile, amp-like overdrive with excellent note clarity that won’t get lost in a mix.

Tech Talk

The OD808X features a low-impedance buffered bypass, allowing it to drive long cable lengths or other effect units without loss of signal.

Mods & Mends

True Bypass Mod


od808x video 01


Tone Talk Episode 11: Maxon OD808X
od808x video 02

Pro Guitar Shop

Maxon OD808X Overdrive Extreme
od808x video 03


Extreme Demo with Mike Hermans
od808x video 04

The Tone King

OD808X vs. OD808 Shootout
od808x video 05


Overdrive Demo with Kingbee Tele & Dr Z Antidote
od808x video 06


Overdrive Demo with Gibson SG & Dr Z Antidote Amp
od808x video 07


Maxon OD808 vs OD808x Comparison Shootout
og0808x video 08

In The Blues

OD808X Humbucker Demo
og0808x video 09

In The Blues

OD808X Telecaster Demo
og0808x video 10

In The Blues

OD808 vs. OD808X Shootout
og0808x video 11 width=

Ryan Bruce

LTD KS-7 Ken Susi Model - Demo
OD0808x video 12

Gear Gods

OD808 vs. OD808X
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Pedaise Efeitos

OD808 vs. OD808X
OD0808x video 14

Pedaise Efeitos

OD808X vs. Fulltone OCD
og0808x video 15

Pedaise Efeitos

Primeiras Impressões
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How Extreme is Extreme?



Input Impedance: 500K Ohms Output Impedance: 10K Ohms Maximum Gain: 40dB (2 kHz) Input Noise: -110dB or less (Input shorted, IHF-A weighted) Controls: DRIVE, TONE, LEVEL Switch:
BYPASS/EFFECT (Buffered Electronic Bypass)
Indicator: BYPASS/EFFECT LED Power Supply: 6F22/6LF22 9V battery x 1 or Maxon AC adaptor Power Consumption: 7.2mA max. / 9VDC Battery Life:
9VDC manganese battery 78 hours 25 deg C (FUJITSU 6F22)
9VDC alkaline battery 114 hours 25 deg C (TOSHIBA 6LF22)
Dimensions: 70(W) x 113(D) x 56(H) mm Weight: Approx. 300g (incl. battery) Accessory: 6F22 9V battery x 1, operating manual * 0dB = 0.775Vrms * Be sure the battery is firmly connected to battery snap with the correct polarity. * All specifications are subject to change for improvement without notice or obligation.
  • Modified version of classic OD808 Overdrive
  • Extended frequency response improves note definition and clarity
  • Increased Output (+5 dB over OD808) for extra Volume Boost
  • Harder clipping yields more aggressive, amp-like Distortion
  • Buffered Bypass Switching


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Peter Huss commented on 12-Apr-2015 01:10 PM5 out of 5 stars
Used the original for a long time. When I saw that the 808X came out I bought one right away, and it's just superb. Does everything that the old one does and more.
It have a permanent spot on my board, and there it will stay!
Igor commented on 03-Oct-2014 12:56 PM5 out of 5 stars
Love it! Have been using OD9 and 808 for years as solo boosts in front of the amp and this one does the same job so much better. More output volume, more clarity and more gain creates a searing and cutting lead tone when pushing the front of a cranked amp. Buffered bypass is fantastic as well.
Jordan Sayers commented on 18-Jul-2014 06:59 PM5 out of 5 stars
I keep my OD808X early in the effects chain to boost my envelope filter and to compensate for signal loss. Two 15' cables between my guitar and amp can take its toll on my tone, but the OD808X brings back the snap and punch I expect from my instruments. Very happy with this new Maxon pedal!
OD808X Overdrive Extreme
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