Fuzz Elements

el·e·ment -  [ élləmənt ]  noun

1. A separate part or group: a separate identifiable part of something, or a distinct group within a larger group

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The sounds of Fuzz have left an indelible mark on the history of rock guitar.  Yet despite its undeniable influence, the definition of what constitutes a “great” Fuzz tone has remained strongly subjective and almost eternally elusive - Until now.

Introducing the Maxon Fuzz Elements – seven models designed to reproduce the classic and unique sounds of the World’s most desirable vintage Fuzz pedals.

Using modern software technology, Maxon has modeled and mapped the complex elements that make up the core sounds of these legendary pedals, reproducing them using advanced analog circuitry that is as accurate as it is stable.

Gone is the need to spend hundreds if not thousands on a vintage pedal that may not work properly.  Gone is the need to sift through dozens of clones of questionable quality to find one that actually sounds like the original.

Maxon’s Fuzz Elements capture the sound and feel of the originals and serves it all up in compact, bullet-proof chassis that won’t clutter your pedalboard or break your bank.

Maxon Fuzz Elements – the essential sounds of Fuzz, reimagined.

fuzz elements ff10 fire fuzz elements fv10 void
fuzz elements fw10 wind fuzz elements fwa10 water
fuzz elements fa10 air
fuzz elements fe10 ether
fuzz elements fae10 earth
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