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The sounds of Fuzz have left an indelible mark on the history of rock guitar. Yet despite its undeniable influence, the definition of what constitutes a “great” Fuzz tone has remained strongly subjective and almost eternally elusive - Until now.

Introducing the Maxon Fuzz Elements – seven models designed to reproduce the classic and unique sounds of the World’s most desirable vintage Fuzz pedals.

Using modern software technology, Maxon has modeled and mapped the complex elements that make up the core sounds of these legendary pedals, reproducing them using advanced analog circuitry that is as accurate as it is stable.

FA10 Fuzz Elements - Air


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The FA10 Fuzz Elements Air accurately recreates the distinctive square wave clipping and octave harmonics of one of history’s most desirable dirt boxes, the Super Fuzz.

The original Super Fuzz was created by Shin-Ei, but saw later incarnations under brands such as Apollo, Shaftesbury, JAX, Tiesco, Memphis, and most famously, Univox.

It was used on countless recordings in the late 60’s & 70’s, most notably the Who classic “Live at Leeds.” Long out of production, the Super Fuzz saw resurgence in the 90’s during the Grunge & Alternative Rock era, appearing on the Beastie Boys’ “Gratitude”, Mudhoney’s “Big Muff Super Fuzz” album and Monster Magnet’s stoner-rock classic, “Superjudge.”

The Super Fuzz used dual germanium diodes and a unique full-wave rectification circuit to produce sizzling upper octave harmonics as well as subtle lower harmonics that filled out the guitar sound.

The FA10’s analog circuitry nails the Super Fuzz’s crushing, compressed tone with surgical precision, and includes the two position Tone switch to toggle between flat and scooped EQ curves. These settings produce wildly different sounds, offering stark contrast to one another and effectively making the FA10 two pedals in one.

A unique aspect of the FA10 is its ability to reproduce rhythm or lead lines with equal clarity, yet without changing settings on the pedal.

Featuring authentic Vintage tones and modern features, the Fuzz Elements Air is the perfect vehicle to make your playing soar.

Why Choose Maxon?

The FA10 sounds identical to the vintage Univox Super Fuzz at a fraction of the cost of an original.

Tech Talk

The FA10 features mechanical true bypass switching, Effect LED Indicator, and 9-Volt DC Battery or external adaptor operation.


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Tone Talk 7a with Phil Caivano
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Fuzz Elements Intro Video
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Pro Guitar Shop

Fuzz Elements Overview and Demo
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Dennis Kayzer

Fuzz Elements Air Demo
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Pimpin' Pedals
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Bass Demo (by WilHelmus.!)
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Super Fuzz Bass Comparison (by WilHelmus.!)


  • Fuzz engine designed to emulate vintage Shin-Ei / Univox Super Fuzz
  • Square Wave clipping with upper octave harmonic
  • Level and Expand controls
  • Dual position Tone switch (Fat & Scoop)
  • Mechanical True Bypass Switching


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FA10 Fuzz Elements - Air
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