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The sounds of Fuzz have left an indelible mark on the history of rock guitar. Yet despite its undeniable influence, the definition of what constitutes a “great” Fuzz tone has remained strongly subjective and almost eternally elusive - Until now.

Introducing the Maxon Fuzz Elements – seven models designed to reproduce the classic and unique sounds of the World’s most desirable vintage Fuzz pedals.

Using modern software technology, Maxon has modeled and mapped the complex elements that make up the core sounds of these legendary pedals, reproducing them using advanced analog circuitry that is as accurate as it is stable.

FF10 Fuzz Elements - Fire


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The AF100 Bee Baa was Roland’s answer to the gnarly, nasty guitar boxes coming out of the USA & the UK in the late 60’s and early 70’s.

A combination of transistor Fuzz, Octavia, and Treble Booster, the Bee Baa’s massive metal housing & triple stomp switches provided ample evidence that this pedal was not to be trifled with.

Even Maxon was hard-pressed to reproduce the AF100’s might in their compact chassis format. Opting to stick with the Fuzz aspects of the Bee Baa, they decided to leave out the Treble Boost section of the circuit when developing this next Fuzz Elements model.

The FF10 Fire produces two distinctly different yet equally aggressive fuzz tones based on the AF100’s signature sounds.

In normal mode, the FF10’s three controls can dial in thick & muscular transistor tones akin to a great-sounding Big Muff, but with improved midrange response and superior note clarity & clean-up.

Activating the Notch switch scoops mids & accentuates the upper octave harmonics dramatically, creating sizzling, searing sustained tones that are perfect for lead work.

As on the original AF100, Maxon kept the Notch setting foot switchable, allowing the user to toggle between these two titanic tones in mid-song.

Smaller & less expensive, but just as effective as the original it was inspired by: Fuzz Elements Fire brings the heat.

Why Choose Maxon?

The FF10 Fire offers up two of the most popular sounds of the Roland AF100 in a significantly smaller chassis and lower price point.

Tech Talk

The FF10 features mechanical true bypass switching, Effect LED Indicator, and 9-Volt DC Battery or external adaptor operation.


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Dennis Kayzer

Demo Video for FF10 Fire
fuzz elements intro video


Fuzz Elements Intro Video
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Pro Guitar Shop

Fuzz Elements Overview and Demo
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Tone Talk 7c with Phil Caivano
fuzz elements demo video


Hear Their Gear with Devin Bronson
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Tom Hatziemanouel Demo


  • Fuzz engine based on Vintage Roland AF100 Bee Baa
  • Square Wave clipping with upper octave harmonic
  • Thick, muscular distortion with excellent note definition & clean up
  • Two distinct fuzz tones via Notch footswitch
  • Mechanical True Bypass Switching


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FF10 Fuzz Elements - Fire
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