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maxon reissue series guitar effects pedalsFaithful reproductions of the legendary 1970s product line, the Maxon Reissue Series Effects offer today's musician a classic sonic palette that has defined the tones of guitarists for the past three decades. Each model's circuit is 100% analog and packaged in a time-tested chassis for a lifetime of trouble-free performance. Component quality and PC board layout have been optimized to provide consistent, low noise performance without adding unnecessary coloration to your instrument's tone.

D&S II Distortion/Sustainer


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With its mild drive, smooth sustain and high output, the D&S II sits the fence between an overdrive and a distortion.  This unique “split personality” makes it perfect for players that seek a natural drive sound with more saturation than an OD generally provides.

The D&S II’s circuit is markedly similar to a vintage MXR Distortion+, and like that classic pedal it covers a wide range of distortion colors from mild drive to pronounced fuzz tones.

Unlike the ‘Plus, the D&S II features a Tone control that allows you to dial in the low end that’s typically lost when the Distortion knob is turned up.

From subtle crunch to intense saturation, the D&S II provides a wide range of useful, tube-like tones.  If you love the OD808’s bark but could use a little more bite, the D&S II is the pedal for you.

Why Choose Maxon?

The D&S II gives you the legendary tone of the MXR Distortion+ with the added benefit of a Tone control.  It’s the perfect pedal for players that need more presence than the typical “808” style overdrive provides.

Tech Talk

Rather than using the silicon diodes commonly found in modern circuits, the D&S II uses germanium diodes in its clipping stage.

The threshold voltage for clipping with germaniums is 0.1 - 0.2V, and 0.7 - 0.8V with silicon.  This means that germaniums can distort even low-level notes, providing a smoother overall distortion.

In addition, the germanium's rectifier characteristic is inferior to silicon - this shortcoming ironically works favorably for the D&S II, creating a somewhat rounded waveform of the clipped signal that contributes to the unit’s warm, natural distortion.

Also unique to the D&S II is its tone control.  While most other overdrives and distortions feature hi boost/hi cut tone circuits, the D&S II tone control uses a low-range boost/cut circuit for added bottom end.

Like the OD808, the D&S II features a JRC4558 IC; typically regarded as sonically superior to other Op Amps.

The D&S II features buffered, JFET bypass switching with a low impedance output, allowing it to drive long cable lengths or other effect units without loss of signal.

Mods & Mends

True Bypass Mod

Tone Bypass Mod


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Brett Kingman

Maxon: AF-9, AD999, D&SII
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Pimpin' Pedals - D&SII



Input Impedance: 500K Ohms Input Jack: 1/4 inch standard phone jack Output Impedance: 10K Ohms Output Jack: 1/4 inch standard phone jack Output: 1 Controls: Distortion, Tone, Balance Switch: Normal/Effect Noise (IHF-A): -110 dBu Max Amplitude: 40 dBu Power Supply: 9V Manganese dry cell battery (S-006P) or special AC adaptor Power Voltage: DC9 V (Battery) / DC10 V (AC-adaptor) Current Consumption: 7 mA (9V) / 8 mA (10 V) AC Adaptor: AC210N (option) Input: AC120V Output: DC9V/200 mA Center - / Sleeve +) Dimensions (main body): 61 mm (W) x 112 mm (D) x 35 mm (H) Dimensions (whole): 70 mm (W) x 112 mm (D) x 55 mm (H) Weight: 290 g Accessories: 9V Manganese dry cell battery (S-006P) x 1 Non-skid pad: x 1 Warranty Card: x 1 User's Manual: x 1 * All specifications are subject to change for improvement without notice or obligation. All brand names and product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.


  • Soft-clip distortion ala’ vintage Distortion+
  • JRC 4558 Op Amp and Germanium clipping diodes
  • Specially voiced Tone circuit
  • Like an 808 on steroids


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D&S II Distortion/Sustainer
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