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maxon reissue series guitar effects pedalsFaithful reproductions of the legendary 1970s product line, the Maxon Reissue Series Effects offer today's musician a classic sonic palette that has defined the tones of guitarists for the past three decades. Each model's circuit is 100% analog and packaged in a time-tested chassis for a lifetime of trouble-free performance. Component quality and PC board layout have been optimized to provide consistent, low noise performance without adding unnecessary coloration to your instrument's tone.

OD808 Overdrive


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Can a pedal be considered a clone if it’s made by the company that made the original?!?  Maxon designed the original OD808 overdrive circuit in the late 1970’s – they then rebranded this pedal for Ibanez as the TS808 Tubescreamer, and the rest is history...

The OD808 Reissue offers up all the warm, creamy, organic overdrive as the original and then some.  Never one to rest on their laurels, Maxon has tweaked the current version ever so slightly to reduce noise level while retaining the legendary “808” tone (see Tech Talk below).

The OD808 is the perfect pedal for adding smooth, tube-like overdrive to any clean amp – use it as a secondary dirt channel to beef up a song’s chorus section, or keep it on all the time for the crunchy tone that has defined rock and roll.

The OD808 is also ideal for pushing an already overdriven amp over the edge, a ‘la Stevie Ray Vaughan.   Hell, stack two of them together like Stevie did and the house is a rockin’! You’ve never heard – or felt – bluesy goodness like this before…

In recent years the OD808 has been adopted as the overdrive of choice by a generation of guitarists in a most unlikely musical genre – metal.

Turns out that the OD808’s mild compression and slight low-end cut are perfect for tightening up high-gain amps; allowing fast note runs to stand out with clarity while making rhythms tight and punchy.  Just listen to any recording by Grammy-award winning Producer/Killswitch Engage founder Adam Dutkiewicz to hear how the OD808 has become the voice of a whole new generation of metal guitarists.

The Maxon OD808 – After 30 years it’s still being used to reinvent guitar tone as we know it.  Reinvent your tone – play the Maxon OD808.

Why Choose Maxon?

Besides the fact that the Maxon OD808 Reissue sounds richer, warmer, and BETTER than the Ibanez TS808 Reissue, there are also these facts to consider:

  • Lower noise floor than TS808
  • Smaller, lighter enclosure 
  • More reliable plunger type switch with soft-click tactile feel
  • More affordable

Tech Talk

Maxon developed the OD808 circuit more than 30 years ago, and since then it’s become the most used, most imitated and most lauded overdrive circuit of all time.  While the 808-style overdrive circuit is commonplace nowadays, in 1979 it was a unique design and an industry first.

The secret behind the legendary “808 tone” lies in the amplifier section of the circuit.  Rather than having separate amplifier and clipping stages, the OD808 features a signal-distorting diode (Panasonic #MA150) located in the negative feedback loop of the amplifier stage.

The OD808 distorts signal in the amplifier circuit itself which yields a smoother, milder, more natural sounding distortion than a separate clipping stage.  This is also the reason that the IC type used in the circuit has such a large impact on the unit’s tone.  The Reissue uses the correct JRC4558 Op Amp that made the 808 the tone of legend.

It should be noted that the Reissue Series OD808 uses different output resistors than the original version.  Vintage TS808’s are susceptible to microphonic noise due to static electricity buildup on the chassis.  To improve performance, the positions of the output resistors on the reissue OD808 were reversed and their values increased in order to reduce noise levels.  This circuit change has no audible affect on the sound of the unit, save for reducing the noise levels.

Mods & Mends

Modifying Tubescreamer’s has become an industry unto itself, with mods from noted shops like Analog Man and Keeley Electronics gaining popularity as player’s search for their own unique voice.

While we feel that the Maxon OD808 is perfect just the way it is, we realize that some player’s may have different or more specific needs.

With this in mind we are now offering modifications to the Maxon OD808 through our Mods & Mends custom shop.  Click on the links below for more info on the mods we are currently offering –

What Artists Say…


Erik Rutan

Hate Eternal, Morbid Angel

Erik Rutan"I use the Maxon OD808 all the time now on my rig - I love it so much man, I can’t tell you, my old tube screamers sit in a closet now! I love the Maxon on my Marshall JCM 800 - THAT IS THE TONE I LIVE BY!!!"


Phil Sgrosso & Nick Hipa

As I Lay Dying

As I Lay Dying"I have a lot of amps that sound decent but Maxon makes them sound great."
- Phil Sgrosso

"The Maxon OD808 is essential in the perfection of my live sound."
- Nick Hipa


Emilio Castillo

Bandleader, Songwriter & Producer - Tower of Power

Emillio Castillo"These Maxon pedals are the bomb. They give me a huge, fat, clean, soaring sound with lots of options; I’m lovin’ ‘em! God bless!!!"

David Shankle

David Shankle

Guitarist for DSG, Devil Land, Voodoogods & formerly of Manowar

David Shankle"There is a reason why so many musicians use the OD808 - it is the holy grail of all OD's. I'm proud to be part of the Maxon family!"


Chris Traynor

Chris Traynor

Gear - Bush Interview 2012
Killswitch Engage

Adam D & Joel

Killswitch Engage Interview 2012
Killswitch Engage

Erik Rutan

Maxon Gear Interview 2012
Amon Armath

Amon Armath

Gear - 2011 Surtur Rising Tour
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Input Impedance: 500K Ohms Input Jack: 1/4 inch standard phone jack Output Impedance: 10K Ohms Output Jack: 1/4 inch standard phone jack Output: 1 Controls: Drive, Tone, Balance Switch: Normal/Effect Noise (IHF-A): -110 dBu Max Amplitude: 35 dBu Power Supply: 9V Manganese dry cell battery (S-006P) or special AC adaptor Power Voltage: DC9 V (Battery) / DC10 V (AC-adaptor) Current Consumption: 5 mA (9V) / 6 mA (10 V) AC Adaptor: AC210N (option) Input: AC120V Output: DC9V/200 mA Center - / Sleeve +) Dimensions (main body): 61 mm (W) x 112 mm (D) x 35 mm (H) Dimensions (whole): 70 mm (W) x 112 mm (D) x 55 mm (H) Weight: 260 g Accessories: 9V Manganese dry cell battery (S-006P) x 1 Non-skid pad: x 1 Warranty Card: x 1 User's Manual: x 1 * All specifications are subject to change for improvement without notice or obligation. All brand names and product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.
The Original Overdrive
  • The world’s first tube-amp overdrive simulator - circa 1979
  • Warm, creamy, organic overdrive with singing sustain
  • Rebranded for Ibanez as the TS808 Tubescreamer
  • The tone that made Stevie Ray Vaughan famous
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Kisu Lee commented on 02-Apr-2015 05:41 AM5 out of 5 stars
I got this marvellous green box from second-hand purchase. Due to its tone-knob was already missing,I replaced it retired TS9's knob. It looks good. This pedal has muscle. It has clarity. It has classic looking. As many players already mentioned world-widely, It is warm and crisp. I am very pleased to own your product. OD808 rocks. I am ready and willing to play loud in my band 'Sagoonja'. from Korea Republique.
Dan commented on 25-Nov-2014 03:57 PM5 out of 5 stars
Amazing overdrive pedal. Sweet as chocolate. Buy one now.
OD808 Overdrive
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