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maxon vintage series guitar effects pedalsCreated for the discerning audiophile, Maxon Vintage Series effects offer the highest construction and sound quality available in a compact pedal format. Hand made in Japan by experts with more than 30 years experience in the field, Maxon Vintage Series effects combine the finest quality components with meticulous construction techniques to achieve the most transparent, noise-free, full-frequency performance possible.

With the Maxon Vintage Series no expense has been spared to create the ultimate creative tools. Even chassis size and component positioning have been carefully considered in order to maximize performance and minimize noise. The result is a truly inspiring sonic experience that will encourage creativity rather than hinder it.

OD-820 Overdrive Pro


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With plenty of gain, a super-musical tone circuit and a transparency rarely found in a pedal, the OD820 takes Maxon’s legendary 808 circuit and launches it into the 21st century.

The OD820’s voltage doubling circuit adds gain, girth and grit without desecrating your existing tone.  Imagine the classic 808 sound with more output, more bottom and more drive and you’ve pretty much summed up the 820’s sound.

The circuit’s additional headroom gives your playing a fluid, effortless feel:  Notes jump off the fretboard with a noticeable yet controlled sustain.  Though capable of heavier-than-usual overdrive, the OD820’s dynamic response is amazing and the pedal cleans up beautifully by rolling back your guitar's volume control.

The dual-ganged Drive pot blends clean and dirty tones, creating stunning clean solo boosts at lower settings and a buttery, light overdrive at high noon.  Max it out for a full-bodied overdrive that’s saucy and saturated while still retaining clarity and openness.

The Maxon OD820 – the quest for the ultimate overdrive ends here.

Why Choose Maxon?

The OD820 shares many similarities with the fabled Klon Centaur, but at a fraction of the cost.

Tech Talk

The OD820 circuit is basically a hot-rodded 808 with a few special tricks.  After a JFET input buffer, the signal is sent a dual-gang Drive pot where it is split between a clean gain stage and the overdrive stage.  As the Drive knob is turned up, more signal is sent to the overdrive stage while the drive of this stage is also turned up.  If the Drive knob is turned down, more signal is sent to the clean gain stage and the drive of the overdrive stage is turned down.  At 12 o’clock on the Drive knob, signal is split 50/50 clean/overdriven.

The OD820 features a standard 808-style tone control.  However, the entire pedal is running at 18 volts via an internal voltage doubler that bumps up the clean headroom and provides greater output and a fuller frequency response than the typical 808 circuit – in other words, no midrange spike!

Even though the 820 circuit is running at 18 volts, it powers up off standard 9 VDC via battery or a standard external power adaptor.

The OD820 features buffered, Mechanical bypass switching with a low impedance output, allowing it to drive long cable lengths or other effect units without loss of signal.

Mods & Mends

True Bypass Mod

Dedicated Clean Knob Mod

What Artists Say…

Michael Amott

Michael Amott

Arch Enemy, Carcass, Spiritual Beggars

Michael Amott"The Maxon OD820 is THE Overdrive in my humble opinion! It doesn't color the tone too much and just gives a nice 'tube-iness' and tightness to the tone."

Andrea Giribaldi

Andrea Giribaldi

Red Warlock

Andrea Giribaldi"The Maxon OD820 seems to give something more to the sound without taking away anything, which some pedals from other brands often do. When used as a booster, it gives an extra boost to the sound, emphasizing the harmonics and the attack, without compromising the thickness and fullness of sound.

I love the warmth and dynamics of the OD820 – it’s definitely the best overdrive I've ever tried."


od820 video 01


Maxon OD820 Overdrive Pro Demo
od820 video 02


Andrea Giribaldi (Red Warlock)
od820 video 03


Tone Talk - Episode 4
od820 video 04

The Tone King

Maxon Shoot-out
od820 video 05


Maxon OD-820 Review
od820 video 06

Pop Into the Chemist

OD-820 Over Drive Pro (favorite settings)
od820 video 07

Pop Into the Chemist

Maxon Vintage Jam
od820 video 08

In The Blues

OD-820 Demo
od820 video 09


DevilDriver's Neal Tiemann



Input Impedance: 500K Ohms Input Jack: 1/4 inch standard phone jack Output Impedance: 10K Ohms or less Output Jack: 1/4 inch standard phone jack Output: 1 Equivalent Input Noise: -107 dB (VR Max) Residual Noise: -98 dB (Level, VR Min) Maximum Gain: +46 dB (VR max) (at 1 KHz) Maximum Amplitude: +16 dB (At 1 KHz) Controls: Drive, Tone, Level Switch: Normal/Effect (true bypass configuration) Power Supply: 9V Manganese dry cell battery (S-006P) or special AC adaptor Power Voltage: DC9 V (Battery) / DC10 V (AC-adaptor) Current Consumption: 19 mA (10 VDC) AC Adaptor: AC210N (option) Input: AC120V Output: DC9V/200 mA Center - / Sleeve +) Dimensions (whole): 117 mm (W) x 150 mm (D) x 60 mm (H) Weight: 500 g Accessories: 9V Manganese dry cell battery (S-006P) x 1 Maxon AC210N Adaptor: (9VDC/200mA) Non-skid pad: x 1 Warranty Card: x 1 User's Manual: x 1 * All specifications are subject to change for improvement without notice or obligation. All brand names and product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.

Maxon Exclusive guitar effects pedals are only available for purchase right here at

  • Clean Booster /Overdrive designed specifically for tube amps
  • Like a Klon with a fuller frequency response and less noise
  • Extremely responsive to fingering and picking touch
  • Dual-purpose Drive control with Clean Blend function
  • 18-volt operation for additional headroom (powers off 9 VDC)
  • Low impedance, Mechanical Bypass Switching

* Please note: Maxon has discontinued the AC210 AC Adapter. Due to this, the Maxon Vintage series pedals will no longer ship with power supply included.

The Maxon Vintage Series Pedals can be run with a standard 9vdc Center Negative Adapter. We recommend the PA-9 Power-All.


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JEFF commented on 20-Dec-2013 02:16 AM5 out of 5 stars
I had a klon, and this is better. Out went the klon and in with the 820 on my rig.
OD-820 Overdrive Pro
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